The Sivana community code of conduct is designed to support a positive experience that works for all of our users. Our goal is to foster a healthy, collaborative environment where people find Sivana to be a safe place to teach, learn and share. To that end, we have created the following guidelines and requests of our members to ensure we have a well-functioning community:

  1. We ask that all members are courteous to one another. Please do not post offensive, violent, aggressively rude or dangerous content on the platform. If we see any type of behavior or content that we think will hinder the proper functioning of a safe and positive learning community, we will remove the offensive material or ban the offending people from the site.
  2. We ask that all members of the community help us in policing the site for materials or people that break rule #1 above and report the offending content to Sivana.
  3. We ask that all members provide feedback on how to make our platform better. A community functions better when its members contribute to its upkeep and improvement.
  4. We ask that experts respond to their potential students in a timely fashion. A lack of responsiveness to students sends the message that you don’t care about them. We want to incentivize good behavior. To that end, we have designed our search results to emphasize those experts that are responsive, have good ratings, and post educational content to their subscribers. We feel experts who demonstrate they care about teaching should be rewarded accordingly.