The Sivana Homework Help and Fundraising Program

Support your Students

Sivana’s Homework Help program allows schools to create a partner page on our site where they list volunteer tutors approved to work within the school community. Their students log on to find a tutor and work with them remotely via video chat for help with their day-to-day homework needs.

Support your School

As an optional part of the program, schools can use participation in the Homework Help program as a catalyst for PTA fundraising efforts, by suggesting a donation for sessions held with community volunteers. This combination helps schools raise funds, strengthen our community, and provide students with new learning opportunities and support.

Support your Community

Homework Help can help you raise funds for the PTA while also keeping parents engaged, and strengthening student learning and connection with the larger school community.

How it Works

  1. Community parents, siblings and relatives volunteer to offer remote, online homework help to school students, committing to a set number of hours over the course of one to two months. Even one hour per week is plenty!
  2. Parents and students use their school’s partner page on the Sivana website to find subjects they are interested in or where they need help. For example -- 
  3. From the partner page, they review tutors and their subjects to find a potential match. A homework help subject looks like this -- 
  4. The student clicks the “Book A Lesson” button and Sivana facilitates the connection, scheduling, and live video connection.
  5. After the session, parents can choose to make a voluntary donation to the school’s PTA in recognition of the work.

Start Now

If you are looking for a tutor

If your school is already a Sivana partner

  • Navigate to the partner page from the link provided, or browse for it below.

If your school is interested in participating

  • Contact us to create a new partner page.
  • Reach out to your school’s parent community to seek volunteers willing to offer help with homework after school.
  • Direct them to to create their account.

If you want to volunteer as a tutor

  • Start at to create your account.
  • Set yourself as an expert
  • Create a subject using an existing Homework Help subject as a template
  • Connect with your school’s organizer to be added to their partner page, or join our general page to work with students from any school

Homework Helpers Subjects

Depending on what the student needs, I can help with math, writing, English, and French as well as general studies.
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General homework help for elementary students, based on their school course materials.
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I will assist with homework help and tutor in the subjects of reading, spelling, writing, science, social studies.
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General purpose homework needs.
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I can provide general homework help for subjects like reading, writing, science, math, and social studies!
Available for any subject help!
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I can provide general-purpose help with your student's homework, as well as study tips and motivational techniques for students in grades K-12.
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I am a second year college student, and I'd love to help you out with your homework! I am proficient in topics ranging from Mathematics to English.
College Math - Algebraic operations -Equations and inequalities - Coordinate geometry - Applications - Functions & Trigonometry - Calculus
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Partner Pages


Homework Helpers General Screenshot

Technical Info

Tutoring sessions will use video calls to connect students and tutors remotely. Only a web browser is needed, no software download is required. Desktops, laptops and smartphones are all supported.

Sivana’s video platform can be used for free by the school PTA to create a dedicated safe learning zone where all tutors are pre-approved by the PTA, and where families can sign up with their kids to attend homework help sessions at suggested donation rates chosen by the PTA (something like $5-10 per session).