What is Sivana?

Sivana is an open platform for learning and sharing. We provide a site for tutors (we call them “Instructors”) to create profiles displaying their skills and teaching interests, where potential students can search and discover them to make a connection. Once a teacher and student connect, they use our built-in video conferencing to share knowledge.

Sivana Subjects

1. Sign Up

You can search or browse subjects and Instructors on the site without signing in, but you will need to create an account or log in before you can contact them or join a call in their Video Classroom. To create your account, use your email address or sign in with Facebook or Google.

Sivana SignUp
Your landing page will display a welcome message. As you use the site, the feed will keep you up to date with our community.

Sivana Dashboard

2. Search

Use our search bar to find subjects or Instructors.

Sivana Search

3. Schedule

Visit a Subject’s description page and click the “Book a Lesson” button to view the Instructor’s availability on a calendar. Select an open timeslot and confirm it.

Sivana Schedule

4. Connect

At the scheduled time, log in to the Sivana website. Visit the Video Classroom page and connect with your Instructor to hold your session.

Sivana Video Classroom

5. Teach Others

You can become an Instructor yourself, by adding a bio and information about yourself as a teacher. Then create a "Subject" to describe what you plan to teach, and for students to find. Subjects are the primary focus of searches and listings on the site so be sure to write a clear title and accurate description of what you wish to teach.

Sivana Become An Instructor

6. Future Plans

Sivana plans to support many new features that will enable Instructors to charge for their services and build a business on our platform, while expanded community features will help those with similar interests find and connect with one another. Now is the time to establish yourself on our platform so that we can grow together.

7. Thank You

Thank you for using Sivana! If you have feedback on our platform or questions during our beta release period, please contact us directly at info@sivana.live