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Carey Lee
SkowheganMEUnited States
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Hi! I was born and raised in rural Maine. While growing up, I have been very involved in sports, such as rugby and track and field, as well as music, such as playing violin in an orchestra and playing euphonium in band. Besides music and sports, I volunteer as a music mentor in order to teach elementary students the basics of music theory and how to effectively practice. I look forward to working with you!

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Why Did I Become an Instructor on Sivana?
I decided to become an Instructor on Sivana because one of my great friends from college told me about Sivana's mission. Sivana is a platform that allows anyone, from any age, race, or location, to connect with each other in order to learn about a certain topic from a native of that country! I will be specifically focusing on teaching conversational English because I want to help other students become comfortable with speaking. You can learn English through reading and writing, but when it comes down to communication through conversing you will need experience on how to conduct a conversation. I want to be able to help you so that one day you will feel prepared and comfortable to speak with a native of the English language.

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I want to give everyone an opportunity to speak and learn conversational American English. I hope to improve your English speaking level!