Freestyle Dance - Exploring Movement

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Everyone, regardless of dancing ability, has their own rhythm. It runs as a subtle undercurrent during daily routines and appears on the dance floor or in the shower in the form of casual swaying and bopping to the music. This dance class will help you discover and embrace your unique rhythm through exploring the art of movement. Something as simple as a twirl of the wrist or a turn of the head can convey great meaning and emotion. We will start each class session with a set of light stretching exercises to warm up the body. During each one-hour session, we will focus on certain body movements depending on the desires of the individual student. The last ten or fifteen minutes of class will be devoted to a short period of improvisation and a discussion about the student’s feelings and thoughts will wrap up the hour.

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I have dabbled in several dance forms, from ballet and jazz to hip-hop and freestyle. I am currently part of two dance orgs at my college, one specializing in American pop freestyle and the other in Kpop cover dances which range from hip-hop to contemporary. These diverse types of dance I have experienced led to many discoveries about my body and how I best express myself through its movements. In the past year, I have taught dances and created my own choreographies in these orgs.

Materials Needed

Loose, not tight-fitting clothing (preferably yoga pants), shoes such as sneakers (must be easy to move around in; going without shoes and just socks is fine too), passion to dance, a hair tie if you have long hair, and possibly a notebook to log down thoughts.

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