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DetroitMIUnited States
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Hi, I'm Eljeana Lee, Mental health Practitioner, Social work Practitioner for 37 years, Counselor Practitioner and Mental health Life Coach, My Career began at the age of 13 years old, I worked in a hospice, with terminally, Mentally ill, comatose and I was so young, that I pleaded with my mom to sign my permit, as young as 2 years old, I had a passion and calling to help people from all backgrounds and circumstances, I ear my Mental Health Human Behavior, from Morgan State University, where there is a need to uplift other's whether, they are client's or strangers I try my best to fulfill the need through, talking to them,listening to them and/ or providing resources for them. I love what I have done career wise to lighten someone's load on their journey. I am hoping to learn from Sivana to gain more insight, information and knowledge and to apply what I know professionally and practically to aid in assisting other's with my skills to help them in adding to their quality of life.

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I became an expert on Sivana , I am amazed at the Sivana platform to help people, I think it's great!

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$25 per hour
Personal development and your choices, this subject matter will address the importance of focusing on your goals by developing a strong mindset