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Jill Reynolds founded Brave Heart Workshops in 2017. She is a Certified Meeting and Event Planner with 37 years of networking and consultative expertise in media, logistics, technology, and hospitality. Jill uses her industry experience and professional connections with venues, booking agencies, and vendors to secure the best pricing, accommodations, food, and location possible for your event. Jill specializes in Business Solutions Sales Skills, Sales Techniques, and Marketing Strategies. She is organized, self-motivated, and is value driven. She uses these competencies to represent the best interest of her clientele. As a Consultative Event Planning Specialist, she helps plan and implement influential retreats, workshops, and events for leaders and entrepreneurs. She is an exceptional price negotiator with the ability to ascertain client’s needs logically and systematically at all levels of the organization. Her expertise in negotiations, sales and customer service has allotted her many awards over the years. Highlights of Jill’s Career Accomplishments Include: *Increased a hotel’s occupancy and sales by 42% in 12 months *Awarded Salesperson of the Year Recognition for Six Consecutive Years *Proven Sales Performer who exceeded annual sales Quotas by 130% *Achieved Career Closing Ratios of 95% on New Accounts while Achieving 98% Customer Retention *Reestablished a major account and received “Top Vendor Award for Excellence in Customer Service, with Recognition for Shared commitment and passion for Excellence,” from the Client. Jill is thrilled to be working with leaders and in leading attendee’s in holistic approaches to mental wellness and healing in their lives. Jill is a water aerobics Instructor, is knowledgeable in creating vision boards, is passionate about demonstrating how Improv lightens your life, and in sharing how connection story groups with an emphasis in burden release work can help to set you free. Jill’s been fully recovered from substance abuse since 1984, Codependency since 1992, and Eating Disorders since 2015. Over the years, Jill has helped over 50 women in recovery. Despite her own family of origin traumas, she intentionally lives a life of serving others, and helping them seek meaning, and healing in their lives. She was a single-never married mom and raised her son alone for 17 years. She has been married to Larry since May 2000. Jill’s personal intention for starting Brave Heart Workshops has been in helping those stuck in their burdens Be Brave, Be Authentic, Courageous, Strong and to Be Set Free. Jill is thrilled to be working with attendees to create retreats, workshops and travel getaways that are life-changing. She is excited that you are taking the initiative for growth and wellness. She is excited to bring these unique events to people so they can experience connection, story, and healing in their lives.

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Why Did I Become an Instructor on Sivana?
I'd love to teach and help those who struggle with drugs, alcohol, codependency and eating disorders, and to help those become successful in selling their products and services. I'm also an experienced event planner, retreat planner and speaker.