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Johnathan Dean
FlorenceMAUnited States
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Current Student-Athlete (Track and Cross Country) at Vassar College studying Economics, Statistics, and Political Science. A few of my interests include (but are not limited to): news both economic and political, outdoor activities, running and running culture, and lovely people.

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Why Did I Become an Instructor on Sivana?
I want to share with you what makes me tic, and what makes me happy! I do these things because of the genuine satisfaction and change they bring to my life; to incline you to do the same activities would be incredibly meaningful, and I see it as a mutually benefitting opportunity. Running, music, and meditation are few examples, just to name them.

Subjects Offered by Johnathan Dean

$15 per hour
You'll learn some basic guitar music theory, chord progressions, strumming patterns, fingerpicking technique, and how to play any song you'd like.
$15 per hour
We'll create a training regimen, work on proper nutrition, injury prevention, and all other essential aspects to a healthy program to get you faster
$60 per hour
Learn how to navigate the college recruitment process, and give yourself the best shot at gaining acceptance into your desired school.
$20 per hour
Learn how to play Spikeball! This course will include an intro to basics and also more advanced strategies and gameplay advice.