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Spikeball is best described as a combination of four-square and volleyball. There are two teams of two. Team members separate themselves by 90 degrees, creating a circle around the net, so each team member stands across from a competitor. The game begins when a member of one team serves the ball to the opposing team across the net. The receiving team then has the task of returning the ball by passing to one another and spiking back to the serving team, just like in volleyball. There are several ways to score points, but the most common is when an opposing team unsuccessfully returns a spike off the net from their competitor. Spikeball is the perfect (socially distant) summer activity. Bring it to the beach. Play on grass, or a dock on a lake. There is so much room for creativity and fun!

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I am a Spikeball Ambassador. I have taught the game to many friends, and have hosted several tournaments in my city. I have competed in high level tournament play as well, and have practiced and developed my skillset.

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Eventually, it is ideal you have a Spikeball set. If not, there is a lot one can learn and study before even touching a set.

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1 year ago
Here's a glimpse of some very high level Spikeball. Insanely entertaining and impressive! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7m6gOWkqko
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