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Jonathan Noeldechen
CarlsbadCAUnited States
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I have an affinity for learning new things. I love the outdoors and playing sports whether with my kids or with friends. My daily routine includes running my hedge fund and being with my family. When I find time, I am a basketball enthusiast (watching, playing, and teaching) and would love to learn to play the guitar. Oh, and to say I'm a huge Star Wars fan is an understatement. Do or do not... there is no try. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!

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Why Did I Become an Instructor on Sivana?
Why should Wall Street be the only ones to be able to profit from volatility in the markets?? I think educating those interested in learning about alternative investing practices can prove to help in obtaining financial freedom. With that being said, most important is to understand the many risks in trading these instruments. I believe this can be one way in helping others take a more proactive stance in taking control of their investments.