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Our sessions will be based on your student's needs that day or week. If he or she does not have homework and would like to focus on improving skills in a particular topic, such as poetry, writing, comprehension or fluency for example, I can help with that as well.

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I have a masters degree in reading specialization and a bachelors degree in elementary education. I have worked and volunteered as a tutor for over 20 years, helping students from Kindergarten through middle school. I live in Cleveland, Ohio and have tutored students in Cleveland city schools through the Coach Sam's Inner Circle Foundation. The pandemic has allowed me to work with students across the country. I currently tutor a 7th grade student in Louisville, KY through the Adelante Program. I am also involved in congresswoman AOC's Homework Helpers program, where I will begin working with

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Please arrive prepared with any materials needed for instruction; textbooks, worksheets, paper, pencils and a good attitude!

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