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Linda Tucker
PortlandORUnited States
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I am an Anti-Diet Coach who has the pleasure of helping anyone who is eager (or even mildly curious!) to leave the harmful behaviors/beliefs of diet culture behind them and instead embrace concepts like Intuitive Eating and a kinder, more trusting relationship with their body. I specialize in topics like how to navigate negative body image, shame resiliency, re-learning joyful movement (bye bye no-pain-no-gain language!), and creating more realistic and restorative self care habits (more rest and guilt-free pleasure anyone??) Head to my website to schedule a totally free, no obligation 'get to know ya' call. There IS life waiting for you beyond hyper-focusing on food and your weight!

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Why Did I Become an Instructor on Sivana?
I would love to share the freedom, joy, and liberation that can arise from walking away from diet culture and instead re-learning how to enjoy your food and appreciate your body.