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Mary Cooney
New YorkNYUnited States
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I am teacher and coach. I focus on Mindfulness and Meditation. My background is in Holistic Healing, Mindfulness and Meditation. I am interested in coaching individual and teams on the benefits of having a mindfulness practice and show them how that practice can be incorporated into their day to day lives so that they can become more effective and have more authentic relationships. I am also a confidence coach. I help individuals tap into their inner strengths so that they have the breakthroughs personally and professionally that they would like to achieve. As a Distinguished Toastmaster and award winner speaker. I am happy to deliver Inspiring Seminars and keynote speeches specifically designed for your company.

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Why Did I Become an Instructor on Sivana?
I believe that the traditional classroom is no longer the future. We have to embrace new technologies and trust that the right people at the right time will find what they need. I have learned from many mentors in the past and now it is time to pass on my knowledge to the best of my ability. The planet needs more people who deeply care about the welfare of their fellow bengs.