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You are intuitive. Yet, in our culture this isn't a skill we are taught to use. Using some basic tools, I will help you to explore your inner and outer world in a more intuitive way through the use of rituals. We will work with feeling, energy, color, your body and sensory organs, Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian pathways, Chakras, and more to custom create rituals. These rituals will help you focus your practice to further practice and exercise your intuition. I work best in short consults and encourage students to follow up every 2-4 weeks until they've reached their transformational goal!

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My Doctorate is in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I maintain a Flatiron District of NYC where I work with patients in person and remotely. I am an intuitive healer and Reiki Master who has been in professional practice since 2008. I attract creative patients, often but not limited to artists and musicians, who often are in a space of transformation or needing change. I also specialize in treating fertility, migraines, and dermatological issues.

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A quiet space, a question or situation, a pen, journal or paper, something that smells nice.

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