English Language teaching.

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I teach English language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading) using the 21st century learning approach which entails collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity with a blend of the traditional classroom incorporated into the various online teaching platforms. I creatively drive home my points with the different approaches required for teaching the different skill ranging from the 'Presentation, Practice and Production' Approach to the 'Teach Test Teach' approach using the relevant Concept Check Questions and Instructional Check questions to find out if the topic is well understood. I also engage my learners in critical thinking and basic leadership training they need to become the best they want to be.

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Apart from the fact that my I am a graduate of English Education from an English speaking country, I have been teaching English language for the past 5 years in both formal, informal, online and offline situations. I have taught learners of all age categories and levels using the relevant instructional materials. I am super creative teaching all the English language skills with constructive and efficient tools and methodologies.

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A clear and open mind and writing materials.

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