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Varsha Mathur
CharlotteNCUnited States
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Varsha is a coach, public speaker and an entrepreneur at heart. As a dating and relationship coach, her method is Ontological which creates awareness, distinctions and transformation by recognizing deep rooted beliefs and automatic behaviors. A former lawyer & mediator, Varsha uses her past experiences to empower others to make decisions that move them towards goals and dreams. She coaches those all over the globe who seek love and want to click with someone but are weighed down by pressures; or are just having a hard time. Clients work with Varsha to find love & have deeper relationships. They gain the power to make decisions that best serve their dreams.

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Why Did I Become an Instructor on Sivana?
I believe in access to coaching for all people.

Subjects Offered by Varsha Mathur

$75 per hour
One or both members of the couple: Clear up some of the past so you can create a spark in the future. For all Genders/Neutral, Sexualities.
$95 per hour
Successfully Date Online: tips, ideas and practices that are proven to have worked. This is for all genders/neutral/sexualities.
Share your personal story, challenges & goals. Discuss or uncover what challenges and stops are in your way and how to overcome them.
$75 per hour
Ever wonder what that amazing version of yourself has been waiting for?