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I plan to teach you the core elements of good investing in the style practiced by Warren Buffett and other similarly oriented, long term professional investors. Much of Warren Buffett's success has been a combination of a thorough evaluation of a business's quality, and then waiting for the opportune time to invest in that business, usually during a market downturn. We will focus on how one assess's the quality of a business by understanding its unit economics, the long term prospects for the business/industry, and the company's barriers to entry to potential competition. We will then compare those attributes to the price that one is paying for the business today.

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After graduating from Columbia Business School, I went into restructuring investment banking, where I advised companies in financial distress. There, I learned a great deal about how to assess companies for potential investment, as a banker, board member, and investor.

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Please have pen and paper handy. If you have a financial calculator, that would be helpful as well but not mandatory.

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3 years ago

This is one of my favorite speeches that Buffett has given. It shows his clarity of thought, on investment issues, as well as social issues.

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Before booking this lesson, I was admittedly nervous. I am a complete novice to investing, and it all seemed so complicated and overwhelming, I would not be able to wrap my head around it. Vik changed that for me by being clear and very organized. Am looking forward to another session, soon!

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