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1.Algebraic operations: polynomials powers roots radicals absolute value simplification and operations with algebraic fractions and expressions factoring quadratic expressions 2. Equations and inequalities: linear quadratic exponential other algebraic equations and inequalities 3. Coordinate geometry: the coordinate plane straight lines conics locus of points graphs of algebraic functions 4. Applications: translating verbal problems complex numbers series and sequences determinants permutations and combinations fractions and polygons 5. Functions & Trigonometry: exponents and logarithms including computations with functions and graphical properties periodicity, amplitude, and other properties trigonometric functions, identities, equations, and inequalities laws of sine and cosine graphs of trigonometric functions

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I have taught several students from various colleges and even universities as a private tutor on how to handle College math with outstanding success records. With patience and perpetual motivation as i teach learners, they end up achieving their dreams of excellence

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Just come along with the materials you have and i will share some personalized videos and slides with you

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