Color Therapy for Healing and/or Fashion

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We will work together to integrate color it's meaning deeper into your life. Color can be used in healing, expression, manifestation and ritual. Using my background in Chinese Medicine 5 Element Theory and chakras (both style work with color therpy), we will also work with colors and meaning behind them. I work best in short consults and encourage students to follow up every 2-4 weeks until they've reached their transformational goal!

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My Doctorate is in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. I maintain a Flatiron District of NYC where I work with patients in person and remotely. I am an intuitive healer and Reiki Master who has been in professional practice since 2008. I attract creative patients, often but not limited to artists and musicians, who often are in a space of transformation or needing change. I also specialize in treating fertility, migraines, and dermatological issues. I am also extremely passionate about personal expression through style and color.

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Note taking tools, maybe a journal and markers in different colors

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