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Dr. Sarah Emily Sajdak is an intuitive healer who uses traditional Chinese medicine to treat the underlying root causes of disease pattern and disharmony in the body. Sajdak is the founder and originator of Beauty Acupuncture. Using holistic methods Sajdak works with actors, models and celebrities for non surgical, natural, and organic beauty solutions. Sajdak's Beauty Acupuncture method is a holistic remedy that reduces lines, acne, dryness, puffiness, under eye circles, and evens out skin tone and restores skin's natural glow.

Sajdak's treatments strengthen the system so that the body can naturally return to a state of balance. This way, as ailments are relieved, signs and symptoms do not return, and the patient will be empowered to maintain his or her wellbeing and overall health. Traditional Chinese medicine is unique in its ability to bring success to any treatment plan, whether through primary or complementary healthcare. Sarah's particular interests include internal medicine, emotional disorders, women's health, pain management, migraines, and skin conditions. Sajdak has experience treating patients in a variety of clinical settings, including community acupuncture centers, doctors' offices, and hospitals.

Sajdak holds her doctorate in Chinese Medicine (DAOM), as well as a specialized diploma in dermatology. She received her master's degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) at the Pacific College of Oriental College. She is nationally board certified (NCCAOM) in traditional Oriental medicine, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine, and holds state licensure in acupuncture in California and New York.

Subjects Offered by Sarah Emily Sajdak

$44 per hour
Color Therapy can be used to balance emotions and put intention into your personal fashion style.
$66 per hour
Learn to tap deeper into your intuitive nature and feel your way through the world in a deeper, more meaningful sense of existence through rituals.
$88 per hour
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be used to boost pregnacy for natural conception, IUI, IVF, and more.
$44 per hour
Learn to better express yourself through what you wear.
$88 per hour
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the best way to boost skin health because it treats dermatological issues internally.