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Getting started with Drupal can be tough. It is a complex system. By working one on one I can adapt to your needs. Want to install locally, on a host, use Amazon or Godaddy. I am here. You will learn how to configure Drupal, find modules, enter content and work on your theme. As you progress you will determine the power of views and what it takes to get to the next level.

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I have been working on Drupal 2008. I have worked on complex sites, brochure sites and my own custom sites. Backed with skills in server administration and other ancillary skills, you can trust you will learn For the past 3 years I have also taught in a private classroom setting. I enjoy teaching and I want to have a few students who want to excel.

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Hosting:Please let me know 1 week before we start where you will host. 1) On your local machine (windows, Mac or Linux) 2) Your computer skill level.

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