Fundamentals of Home Music Production

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Hi Everyone! I'm here to chat with you about your music creation and production processes! What you like, what you don't like, and where you'd like to grow with your overall sound and compositions. I have experience composing, recording, mixing and mastering songs and sountrack music in a variety of musical styles and technical methods. I record live instruments as well as use state-of-the-art instrument emulator software and wavetable synthesizers. I have experience recording to click tracks or not, adjusting timing of compositions to hit video or audio queues, and sometimes just letting the creative juices flow from a feeling I want to share! Enough about me, let's understand what you want to get out of these sessions!

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I play and record drums, bass, keyboard, and guitar for soundtracks and bands ranging in styles from hard rock, folk soul, death metal, pop, electronic, and 8-bit chip tunes. I have Berklee College of Music training on mixing and mastering with Pro Tools as well as music business theory. I co-produced the album: "Just Buried", by my band Toxic Waste, produced the single "What They Need" by my other band Quiet Zone, and produced soundtracks for several videos (including a local campaign video). Please see my website for the most up-to-date info (

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Please have a clear and specific direction of what you want to achieve. Are you looking to create a demo reel? Score a film? Record an album? Lay music behind your lyrics? There are many great courses that discuss the basics and high-level technical aspect, but these can be costly and time consuming. Here, we'll design the homework and projects to achieve your specific goals in a custom-tailed approach. Music production is best learned by trying, failing, and overcoming; so let's shorten that feedback loop for the most efficient growth! :)

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