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This one on one practical class will expose you to tools recommended by the United States Distance Learning Association and other professional education technology bodies that are largely used globally. You will learn how to create digital contents, share your contents after creating them, Learning management systems to manage and co-ordinate the entire process with your learners, quick assessment tools and strategies and also tips to effectively teach online in general. I will also be sharing some Simplified Integration Models(SIMs) with you. This is a combination of several digital tools that helps you to do everything you want to do as an educator.

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I am the Head of research and operations @ EAZY-DIGI EDTECH SOLUTIONS, a research and training based organization on education technology and as such have had to train several educators on how they can easily teach online with trending edtech tools and strategies.

Materials Needed

I have got a lot of personalized videos that i will share with you from various training sessions that i have handled. So you will personally get a lot of free materials from me.

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3 years ago
It has been an awesome online tutoring experience handling several learners from Africa, Europe and Asia over the years and i have discovered a model that has helped me to get the best out of my...
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