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Editorial makeup is a great way to express your creativity and personal style in a unique, empowering way. Whether you're completely new to makeup, just starting to explore with editorial styles, or simply looking for some tips to further your artistic journey, this course is intended to help individuals learn useful skills and techniques in editorial makeup. This course can be tailored to suit your individual needs; some examples of topics that we could discuss include what kind of makeup and tools to invest in, learning new makeup techniques, finding creative inspiration, and more! Please note that this course is not intended to be an alternative to cosmetology school and will not touch on topics such as sanitation.

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I am self-taught and have been doing editorial makeup for about 2 years now. This past year, I served as the Beauty Director to Contrast Magazine, a Vassar student-run publication; the image posted above was taken from a photoshoot that I worked on through this organization. To see more references of my work, please see the Instagram account linked to my profile.

Materials Needed

A good source of lighting (can be natural sunlight) and any makeup you own. If you are new to editorial makeup and would like product recommendations to start with, we can also cover those details at the first session!

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