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I can provide general-purpose help with your student's homework, as well as study tips and motivational techniques.

Primarily focused on elementary or middle school-level subjects including reading, spelling, writing, math, science, art, history and others.

The work will be based on your student's needs and the course materials they use from school. Whatever they need help with on a particular day or week will be our focus.

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I have a liberal arts Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies. I've spent many years teaching children a wide range of subjects through my work in a natural history and geology museum. I enjoy working with children as they explore the natural world and their own creative imaginations. I have also worked with Home School groups enriching their science courses and language arts lessons.

Materials Needed

We will base our sessions on your student's needs and current studies, so please have the textbooks, workbooks or other materials they'll need for math, spelling, reading, writing or other special subjects handy.

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3 years ago

I can only imagine how difficult the last year has been for so many of our young students. It's been confusing, to say the least! I would like to offer help for those struggling with homework assignments, to guide them through understanding new concepts, help them to prioritize their work, and to give them confidence in their abilities. I'm happy to be a listener so they can work through the issues that are slowing them down in their assignments. I want all children to have the benefits that a good education can provide them.

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Lois is very knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects, and brings her firsthand life experience into her teaching work. She's patient and extremely well-organized. I highly recommend working with her!
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