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Ann Bayliss, M.A.
BaltimoreMDUnited States
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A trained French instructor who has devoted her life to learning French, living with a French family, teaching English in France, and earning an M.A. in French and a certificate in consecutive interpretation, I offer an unsurpassed love of this language of the Enlightenment and the arts. Start with a kiss for greeting, end with philosophy and a European worldview, and challenge yourself along the way! Rejoignez-nous! Join us!

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Why Did I Become an Instructor on Sivana?
I would like to be able to offer my expertise to students who may not be ready to commit to a full college course, who may be testing the waters or on a budget.

Subjects Offered by Ann Bayliss, M.A.

$45 per hour
How do you say that in French? Trust me, you do not want to pay good $ to study with a software programmer, or worse, a bot!
$21 per hour
Voilà enfin - vous lisez en français. Avez-vous envie de discuter d'un livre avec quelqu'un? Aimeriez-vous obtenir de l'aide avec quelques phrases?
$40 per hour
Advanced Intermediate French