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Primarily focused on subjects including reading, spelling, writing, math, science, art, history, Spanish language, computer skills and more.

The work will be based on your student's needs and the course materials they use from school. Whatever they need help with on a particular day or week will be our focus.

I am also equipped to help students with special needs, as well as students taking honors/advanced, Advanced Placement (AP), STEM, and IB courses. Furthermore, I am equipped to aid students in relation to SAT, ACT, and college prep and readiness.

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I am currently a freshman undergraduate at the University of California: Berkeley, and throughout the most recent fall semester, high school (and even middle school), I have taken many opportunities in relation to homework help and tutoring. Most recently, I have gotten involved in congresswoman AOC’s Homework Helper program where I am about to help tutor an 11 year old in math. Other experiences include: organizing and facilitating a Discord server that gives Maryland students access to homework help if needed, tutoring a 2nd grader in English and Math for a few months, tutoring a 9th

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We will base our sessions on your student's needs and current studies, so please have the textbooks, workbooks or other materials they'll need for math, spelling, reading, writing or other special subjects handy.

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