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Empathy is one of those abilities everyone says you need more of. But how are you supposed to get it, actually? I'll explain what empathy is in a way you can understand it. Then we'll work through whatever blocks you have toward understanding and relating to other people's needs. This will be especially helpful if you find yourself in interpersonal conflict where the other party is saying, repeatedly, "You don't understand me." Or "You need to listen better."

In corporate environments, empathy is becoming increasingly necessary, especially in high level situations. Managers and executives are expected to understand their employees' psychology. In this moment in time, this is particularly important, as we're all going through an intense collective trauma. And employees need to be understood.

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Empathy is my greatest gift. I have an intuitive understanding of people and an ability to express it clearly. I also understand the blocks people have to understanding other people. My bio explains more: David Sauvage is a teacher and trainer of empathy and emotional intelligence. He consults with companies to help them scale empathy and integrate EQ into their DNA. Recently, he worked with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts to create training modules for their front-line employees. Currently, he’s consulting with Coca-Cola Europe to help them shift their brand message to empathy across all

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